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Core Services

At V.V.A Food Industry Solutions we can provide a total Project Management Solution from design to fabrication to installation and commissioning of your food processing project. We also provide each component of these services on an “as-needs” basis depending on your specific requirements.

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VVA Engineering provides a comprehensive suite of design and drafting services for your project using Solid Edge 3D Drawing and AutoCAD Programs to ensure compatibility with corporate and industry standards. Our team is highly skilled and experienced in the design of processing systems with an intimate knowledge of Australian standards and the design implications for equipment and machinery.

We have an in-house design and drafting team to ensure a high quality, rapid turnaround and the ability to develop innovative solutions with our team of engineers who are “on the ground” working with your team.


We have the capability to fabricate a full range of food systems including: conveyors, stainless constuction and pipework, vessels and hydraulic.

V.V.A Food Industry Solutions has the in-house capability to design, fabricate and manufacture a wide variety of conveying solutions to support your food processing business.

We develop various conveying solutions for food processing industry, implementing automated control on the whole procedure from raw material to finished food, in accordance with the requirement of being sanitary, clean and free from contamination.

Contact us today to discuss how we can design and fabricate your food project.


MachiningV.V.A Food Industry Solutions reputation for quality workmanship and innovation is evident in its finished machined products.

V.V.A Food Industry Solutions has a dedicated team of skilled tradespeople who manufacture a wide range of high precision machined components. The modern and well-equipped workshop has the capacity and capability to accommodate an extensive range of machining processes and mechanical fitting and testing of machine components.

Whether we designed it for you or you have a design already, we ensure your finished product will be of the highest quality standard and will meet all your design specifications.


stainlessTo meet the stringent quality standards demanded by stainless steel users today, our experienced and motivated stainless steel division prides itself on keeping abreast with the latest in engineering technology and clean design.

We have accumulated extensive stainless steel expertise doing various projects including: piping, screw ways, screw augers, storage tanks, platforms, safety installations and hoppers.


pipework2V.V.A Food Industry Solutions has developed a highly skilled and experienced team of pipe fabricators that understand the importance of hygienic quality pipe work and the risk of bacterial contamination.


ScreenHunter_118-Mar.-26-17.15Access is all important regardless of the industry for safety, efficiency and control purposes.

VVA Food Industry Solutions will ensure that your steps, stairs and platforms, not only meet all safety standards and operational guidelines, but will also be functional, practical and suited to the environment.


49930550-a53e-11e3-8f5b-12313b06a873-largeV.V.A Food Industry Solutions works closely with our clients to ensure an efficient, timely service during routine maintenance and shutdowns. We understand the high cost of delays in these processes and will work with you to
eliminate such delays.

V.V.A Engineering provides on-site and off-site specialist maintenance and shutdown services for our clients.

Our expertise helps customers keep their plant operational and efficient. We are focused on working with our clients to provide the best possible solutions.

This includes management of planned and routine maintenance outages, upgrading of existing plant, capital replacement and breakdowns, inspections and repairs.

We provide the full gamut of maintenance services including labour hire and site shut down capabilities.


ScreenHunter_114-Mar.-26-16.54The V.V.A Food Industry Solutions team are experienced in the installation and commissioning of projects and can support this with proper management expertise, onsite materials and shut down labour hire.

At V.V.A Food Industry Solutions, we can provide a total project management solution from design to fabrication to installation and commissioning of your food processing project. We also provide each component of these services on an “as-needs” basis depending on your specific requirements.

A critical component of any project is to have the quality advice, service and support for the installation and commissioning phase of any project. The V.V.A Team are highly experienced in these critical phases and will work closely with your team to ensure an efficient and “pain-free” process.


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